Tuesday, March 07, 2006


Contrary to common perception, the lighthouse does not shine its light onto the rocks to warn passing ships of the danger of running aground. Sure, the lighthouse may be used to warn of danger, but this is a secondary function.
Lighthouses are coastal navigation aids.
Each lighthouse has its own signature; and it is this signature that is read by passing ships and allows them to determine their relative position.
The Bridge crew of a passing vessel will see the signature of the Hate Point light (Long flash followed by short flash) and will be assured that they are passing approximately six miles north of Eden’s harbour mouth. If it is their destination, they will then contact the port captain in order for a pilot to come aboard to guide them into Eden itself; there their invisible duty to perform.
It’s what lies just beneath the surface that’s most dangerous; those rocks that are only alluded to by the lighthouse’s beam.

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