Thursday, March 09, 2006

Anger Wells

Wheatfield With Crows - Vincent Van Gogh - 1890

According to the laws of physics, nothing occurs in a vacuum; no force can be met without consequence; there is a balance to everything.
According to the rules of the world, the sum of all the numbers, real and imaginary, add up to zero; the angles between the interaction of minds, the geometry of human endeavour, add up to a mean level of remembered history; the forces that govern love’s loss and unacceptance roam free of morality. Go figure.
And when these organic theorems coincide, the outcome must equalise in a manner poetic and cruel, and on a plane higher than humanity’s understanding of itself.
It was thus that the gods were conceived in the minds of those who watched with concern and arrogant disdain.
And the system of tastes that they created? What good the system that promotes mediocrity and rewards those who live the lie?
Critical acclaim goes to those who play it safe; who pay lip service to the clich̩ Рthe hard working businessman; the struggling artist; the self sacrificing teacher.
Anger Wells, east of Eden and in my heart I know I must not go down this route, but every now and then the lesson is re-learnt and the bile it brings to the back of my throat becomes harder and harder to swallow.

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dillon said...

Interesting it is the mastery of human dread for that thing they can never grasp, the whimiscal shadow at the edge of the cliff. So often they grasp, and fall short, only to find themselves lost in a cloudless void, where love rules and reality is lost to the inner mind. This is that ever present limbo that most people fail to recognize ever even existed. The moment when you can either find tranquility in realism or find dispair in is the existential choice that must be made.