Friday, March 10, 2006


Have you have ever asked the question ’Why?’ and have not been satisfied with the answer, albeit a factually correct answer
'Why' is the most powerful word in any language - it gives us the tools to determine our own path forward.
Those in power however, are afraid of the process (democratic or otherwise) that placed them there. And so they employ systems of control that govern and blind the mind through fear. Individuals in power employ these systems as 'spin'; 'damage limitation'; 'press release'; 'democratic process; or failing all else, 'crowd control'.
Have you ever noticed that riots only happen in other, less democratic contries than our own, while at home, anarchists attack police and loot Mcdonalds?
There is one weapon left at our disposal, and it is this weapon that the system seeks to manipulate with words and images, as it understands that brute force cannot control ideas and thought.
The manipulation of public opinion - thought control - is achieved by contol of the media, and where it is unable to reach the mind through media, the system will seek to still that mind’s dangerous questioning through tranquillising medication or where expedient, through mischief of the terminal kind.
The war on drugs, the axis of evil, the roadmap to peace, or wherever it is we're going this week.
Those words, those obvious facts and figures that spew from your TV news while you digest your dinner, often require a little more thought, a little more effort to realise that they are nothing more than lines of code for the machine.
We are by degrees cogs; cannonfodder; product; demographics; sheep; lubricant for the wheels; shit on the heel; body bag ingredients.
Question everything.
Question my opinion.
Build your own machine.

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Zatikia said...

No one needs to fall into the pit of sameness. We all can go our seperate ways. My why, is why don't we? Ours can't fit the next one, anymore than theirs fits ours.

Television is the tool of oppression. Those who have one help promote it by it's use. Television causes sameness.