Saturday, May 20, 2006

Babylon Keyboard (Reprise)

there is absolutely no inevitability as long as there is a willingness to contemplate what is happening
- Marshall McLuhan: The Medium is the Message

Just to define where my head is for those who regularly read what I write here, and whose blogs I visit regularly.
I guess we are as close to friendship as is possible within this medium and that certain judgements should not be made within a friendships, please be aware therefore that none of what I’m questioning here refers to you personally. Quite the opposite.
What follows stems from:
1. reading Zatikia’s post Blogging and realising that she shares my reticence to succumb totally to the experience - sceptics both
2. the elastic comedienne’s thoughts on honesty on previous posts here, and
3.jumping from link to link and reading blogs at random

Okay, so maybe this is all ego-driven drivel… but so what? Who’s to say what is and isn’t relevant?
The way I see it: if some sorority kid from middle America can put his macho antics out there without stopping to think how facile his life is then why can’t I.
The thing is that I'm not that self-confident as to believe that anyone would be interested in the minutae of my life – who would be in the slightest bit interested in what I got up to over the weekend? (rhetorical question alert for elastic!)
I read on some woman’s blog how she had discovered she was bleeding during sex the previous night – who does she think would want to know that?
This is not a ‘Dear Diary’ situation – go tell that sort of stuff to someone who cares, somebody flesh and blood who will need to make eye contact with you; someone who really cares.
There are those with a gift of seeing the funny side of their lives - comedians - and we sure do need them; but as for the rest of us there are very few whose day-to-day life is interesting enough to entertain others.
The fact is that this medium is deeply corrupt; that it does not require you to look at another person and lie; that it does not need justification for the lie; that it doesn’t care why you lie does not mean that it cannot be used positively; to connect people.
I don’t blame the medium for what it is – it just is – but we need to understand why it is we do what we do – it is our curse and our blessing; the need to understand.
Honesty is a purely human concept; a cultural concept; a concept we have developed in order to continue satisfying relationships with one another. And yes, the expectation of honesty is a tool for those who wish to deceive.
The greatest deception however, is self-deception – to believe we are what others can clearly see we are not.
It is therefore prudent to question everything you do – which is not to say condemn everything you do – question, and in so doing avoid deceiving the only person you can truly know – yourself.

Be careful when speaking. You create the world around you with your words.
- from The Navajo


littlebitofsonshine said...

then may i speak of peace nohunger love and joy for the whole world and i place we all can call self in happness and true freedom to be ourselfs with out harming.Antonia Thomas better known as Sonshine to my friends or littlebitofsonshine on the net in my truth and speach of talking

Zatikia said...

I am who I write I am? Leave the body behind and become our words. One could get lost. True to who we could be or true to who we already are. But for some of us, to reach beyond the truth is a place we cannot get to, capable only of honesty. How much of ourselves do we put out, before it becomes trivial. I think its our thoughts that seem to touch us all that count, discovering our alikeness while noticing how different we come about it. This is what is good.

elasticwaistbandlady said...

Clearly this entry was penned from a masculine perspective. Why analyze the blogging experience? It just is. I enjoy reading daily events from people's lives, especially when they put a humorous spin on it. Inconsequential and trite, I realize, but a pleasant diversion nonetheless from the atrocities transpiring throughout the planet. Deception is everywhere, does it really adversely affect someone's life if a blog isn't completely truthful?

Whether people comment or not, admit it Pisces, it is personally gratifying to know that people are reading your musings. No umbrella stereotyping, but people over the Internet that I've run across all share similar traits. We all enjoy being the occasional glory whore and basking in the light of attention and choose the Internet as the preferred mode for attaining this. It's possible to reach out and meet a much more diverse bunch here than you would ordinarily. People tend to cloister themselves with like minded individuals in their real lives, whereas here the potential increases for broadening horizons and gaining new perspectives.

Glad to have met you Pisces. Ordonarily, we probably wouldn't run in the same social circles but I indeed have come to regard you as a friend. I think we'd have some laughs if ever we met, and would probably purposely avoid delving into deep political/religious discussions.

jams o donnell said...

Well said elasticwaistbandlady.

There is surely not a blogger that does not have at least one eye on their potential audience. Whether one writes about Marx or Melrose Place it is heartening to see the statcounter rise and the comments flow (in my case trickle)in.

Pisces Iscariot said...

elastic: 'Why analyse the blogging experience?'
Why analyse anything... I guess I didn't make my point very well.

Redwine said...

"The greatest deception however, is self-deception – to believe we are what others can clearly see we are not.".

Agreed, Pisces, here we go. But with or without analyzing, we make this with our own hands (words).

elasticwaistbandlady said...

Yeah, you made a very concise point that conveyed your thoughts well. I'm just not that intellectual to question and ponder the deeper meaning of blogs. My "real life" on a daily basis takes precedence for whatever inquisitiveness I may possess. Bringing that constant interrogative nature here in addition would just feel exhausting.

I find people I like on blogger, and in turn some of them find me. Like a big Blogger Circle Of Life. It's the natural order of things. It just ,is.

Pisces Iscariot said...

I find your contributions to this particular post perplexing. You appear to be saying that my contemplation of motives is meaningless, Fair enough, I have no problem with that, it’s your opinion and I don’t expect to change it. I do however, find it difficult to understand, given that you personally have no time for such contemplation why you then enter into the dialogue at all? It is surely a waste of that time.

elasticwaistbandlady said...

You failed blogging etiquette 101, Pisces. I only respond to things from my personal point of view, and personally I'm more concerned with the fact that I work 7 days a week, survive on 5 hours of sleep at the most per day, high cost of gas, feeding my kids, paying the bills, and to some extent the state of the World and my own country. I don't want to overly question the only means of diversion in my life which is blogging. Case in point, your chiding of me has no effect. To some extent, doesn't that prove that things done and said here are insignificant and unworthy of deep reflection?

In a roundabout way, my intention was to let you know that you're a man who philosophizes and analyzes everything, and that's a wonderful attribute that contributes to a well balanced society. I meant it as a purely complimentary statement and a recognition that I'm no intellectual that ponders the state of all things. Other blogs entertain me, your blog schools me in different thought processes from my own.

By the way, tomorrow will bring a scintillating blogging/social experiment. I have a standing date to meet a fellow blogger and his family. Face to face. Interesting to see if we maintain our blogging persona or if perceived images of one another are shattered.

Pisces Iscariot said...

elastic, Sagittarius says I'm too hard on you - I say I'm sure you can take it.
Hope you enjoy your meeting with PH.

Larry Teabag said...

Interesting stuff.

Speaking for myself, I enjoy writing - that comes first. I use my blog as a convenient platform for my writings. It's better than my hard-drive, because as EWL says it is personally gratifying to know that people are reading your musings - I can't deny it. And if personal relationships develop as well, that's a bonus. I enjoy having friends who I only know from discussions online - it adds a dimension to life.

If you haven't read it already, you might be interested in Joel Biroco's take on these matters.

Pisces Iscariot said...

Nice attitude Larry; I'll be sure to check Joel Biroco out, thanks.

elasticwaistbandlady said...

It appears as though I'm developing a small fan club now on your blog Pisces. Salut to you, Jams, Larry, and most of all Sagitarrius!

After the big blogger meeting this evening, blogger perceptions remain intact. PH is pretty much the same in person as onscreen with a very lovely wife and kids. Miss biotech goddess also made an appearance at the soiree, and she never disappoints.

elasticwaistbandlady said...

Fine. You win. I suppose that while I pretend to deny it, there really is a special connection that I personally feel with a select few fellow bloggers. I've missed being culturally enhanced by your clever writings and elaborate drawings, along with your sly and often funny comments. Like snowflakes, no two leftists are created the same.

You're still my favorite.

Pisces Iscariot said...

Win lose; left right wrong; black white; if only it were that simple.
As my good friend Paul used to say "Life is not a popularity contest"
We are all snowflakes.

elasticwaistbandlady said...

Yes, we are all "snowflakes". Some of us are "flakier" than others though!

Obviously something here has left an indelible mark on me or I wouldn't have returned. Thus disproving my points made here.

elasticwaistbandlady said...

I had a wise friend named Paul too, once. He taught me hot to blow my nose without using a Kleenex. Very, very useful and handy tip.

Pisces Iscariot said...

My friend Paul also used to say:
"Don't piss down my back and tell me it's raining"