Wednesday, May 24, 2006

The Dealer's Other Hand

For the hapless adventurer and his lost administrator
For Peace activist and pro-life demonstrator
For aborted foetus and world dominator
Cowboy philosopher and the will of the creator
For you who question the morality dictator
And those who perished on the ethical equator

When you just can’t take it for one day more
When the wolf is discovered dead at your door
When the sea level rises through you polished wooden floor
And your favourite team refuses to score
When the beer runs out and you just want more
Call Psychic Detective number Seventy-four

He’ll perform Rorschach tests on the perfectly adjusted
Their DNA sampled and fingerprints dusted
Provide Psychotropic drugs to give you that edge
Anti-depressants to keep you from the ledge
Paracetamol headache and antacid retch
Follow my lead Rover, Shake hands now Fetch!

And when it’s all over he’ll send you his bill
To be paid in used notes to the charlatan’s till
You’ll piss in your Pampers no one will know
What makes you so healthy, what gives you that glow
This boat is so leaky it just can’t save your soul
The world seeps into it disappointingly cold

And your words they are warped in the media's lens
detained twisted tortured all content impends
a future much bleaker than the Far Queue pretends
leaving pages quite empty between monolithic bookends
Squid-like ink-stains swim free from old fountain pens
blurring the boundaries between the Means and the Ends


littlebitofsonshine said...

o to be a writer and poet i would love to ryme my words with love to heal what i cant to fix what i cant would be the greatest guift god could give me.To heal all that needs healing world wide in a wish

elasticwaistbandlady said...

Pisces, I harbor a weakness for rhyming poetry. I would characterize this one as akin to Dr. Seuss for adults.

My favorite phrase? "Cowboy philosopher". A misnomer in reference to Bush because true cowboys are honorable individuals who don't waffle on their stance/viewpoint/opinions to placate others.

Pisces Iscariot said...

For real Dr Seuss for adults (by Dr Seuss) read 'The Lifted Lorax'
I have not seen Brokeback Mountain yet but I don't consider the bush thing to be either cowboy or philosopher any more than Woody from Toy Story. The dickcheney pulls the string and... "my fellow amexicans, the terrafirmarists cannot win this war."