Saturday, July 15, 2006

Reflections in a Golden I

They say that if you could bend light you could shine a torch all the way around the world onto the back of your head.
There is little more disconcerting that to see the back of one’s own head. You know the feeling: when the hairdresser (or progressive barber) waves that oval shaped mirror behind you so that you can admire the exquisite work performed on the back of your head.

René Magritte - Portrait d'Edward James (La Reproduction Interdite)

Many cultures have thought the mirror to be a bad (or a dangerous) thing. Narcissus fell in love with the image he saw there, perhaps not fully realising it was himself, for who among us can truly love that person we see there in the mirror every morning? David Hasselhof maybe.
Love is not a visual emotion; it requires mystery and familiarity in just the right measure.

Salvador Dali - Metamorphosis of Narcissus

To love yourself in a visual way is pretty creepy; a bit like hearing your own voice on tape, or seeing yourself on video.
Let’s face it; it’s hard to be narcissistic about the back of your head.


Tim Footman said...

Speak for yourself. The back of my head knocks spots off the front bit.

Zatikia said...

Perhaps mirrors fall in love and long for the next glimpse, mourning down thru time those images lost.Poor mirror, no choice who gazes into it.

Pisces Iscariot said...

Tim - you shall henceforth be known as 'he who was once spottyface' :}
Zatikia - I suspect that most mirrors would be grateful for a rest - can you imagine how tired the one in Tom Cruise's bathroom is?

mullet said...

jeez pisces....I said to the male mullet the other night - can you imagine if the mirror had never been created? what impact would that have? A tremendous 1 i think - but anyway -back to you....why must you think of these's not even pleasurable!!! so much for the 'we are motivated by pleasure' theory!

mullet said...

Mirrors - a great source of science fiction!

littlebitofsonshine said...

hurmphhhh i like my mirror and when i need to see things not sean in me i go to my mirror scary sometimes what i see but its allways me weather i like it or not its a refelection of my self in reverse.