Thursday, August 24, 2006


Baa baa
This is the day when you piss in the fountain
Laugh at the town at the base of the mountain
This is the dust from teeth gritting frustration
Use it to build your future’s foundation
Shout it out loud from the pit of your gut
Pounding your fists on the doors that are shut
Doors that proclaim to be clean green non-racist
Energy efficient wild-life conservationist
barring entrance to rooms full of ill-gotten revenue
authoritarian dictatorship disguise as a virtue
Calvinist pursed lips pucker anus disdain
For those who would question the farmers’ refrain
“We’re simple folk here; good hearted and wise”
Oh for fuck’s sake wake up, clear the wool from your eyes


Zatikia said...

Thats the trouble with sheep, they have wool in their eyes.

Enjoyable read

Spooks said...

God damn it your good!

Zatikia said...

Nothing new today, so I read this one over again and enjoyed it again.

Zanzounito said...

makes two of us