Tuesday, August 22, 2006

A Gothic Observatory

I’m not sure if the eyes in the back of my head are instruments of hindsight or paranoia.
I don’t know if I’m overtly sensitive or mentally fragile.
I don’t know if I’m right being left or conservatively sceptical.
You can shuffle the labels all you like; they all add up to nothing more than words.
But there are no words of wisdom that best describe, the four letter words so hopelessly overused by the world:

In the dark shadows below furrowed brows lie the eyes of people in the street – unknown and unknowing; microcosmic world of accumulated memories and assorted fabrications, held together by the fear of death.

Only you can set me free; no shadows beneath your brows so perfectly arch; you can make me see beyond the clouds of coming Christmas and the flights of migrating birds; your laughter at and with me, frees the caged birds of ominous portent that flutter in my gut.

Malignant cataract in the mind’s eye; excluding all else to consume and conspire.

The docking bay where connections are made between one mind and another; a place where I am made valuable by the significance of you.

Yes, to look too closely at anything is to wander off into fields of ever-softer ground and there to be bogged down by analysis of soil too fine to comprehend – sub-atomic particles have little impact on my particular understanding of the world.
Yet to not look at all is to live a life devoid of meaning and awareness – to be unaware is to believe in something that does not exist [a heaven waiting in vain for the impossible saint; the chosen; the anointed few] - is to ignore the now in which we exist, the moment that is wholly owned and lost in perpetuity; the cusp of the wave dealt us by time and those little electric connections we call consciousness.

Not to look is to deny our own existence.


Zatikia said...

Those who want to hide don´t really want to live. Eyes wide open, taking it all in and wrapping it in words. What else should life be but living it all.

Spooks said...

My favorite poem by you yet! I'm weeping...

littlebitofsonshine said...

so moving and such truth at a micro level.

Anomie-Atlanta said...

"Not to look is to deny our own existence." - poignant and true