Monday, October 09, 2006

Alchemy Lesson No.11: Solidification

Ellis Island 1902

  • Measure the width of a thought the length of an idea.
  • Add a liberal (Not to be confused with Libertine) dash of prejudice and a sprinkle of xenophobia (if in season)
  • You now have a solid and malleable mass with which to work.
  • From your little toolbox of aphorisms and clich├ęs you may now remove your dogmahammer.
  • Being careful not to apply too much lateral pressure, hammer the concept into a shape that best represents your preconceived idea.
  • The concept is almost ready, be patient.
  • This next step is best employed without recourse to the use of understanding; this being an entirely unnecessary ingredient which only serves to complicate the process.
  • Bake your concept in the heat of ignorance using only a narrow viewpoint oven adding equal sprinklings of mysogyny; racism and homophobia, this will serve to harden the concept without subjecting it to distracting details.
  • Place all pieces in the appropriate category for future reference.
  • Box and label it, confine it to the words used to describe it.
Congratulations! You have created your very own point of view.
You may now use it freely to express yourself in public, people will take note and give respect.
For the braver amongst you, you may use your concept to belittle and berate those who do not agree.


Dr Victorino de la Vega said...

Beautiful poem.
Or is it prose?
I'm not sure!

Speaking of "original point of views" and "creative concepts", the Neocon's “Axis of Evil” always was a cartoonish assortment of “Asian” paper-tiger villains with Semitic and/or Mongoloid traits, ideal for Tony Snow’s fearsome reports on Faux News and/or the White House lawn.

Now the soviet-style gnome of Pingpongrad has gone “Nukular” all the way!

Truly, (corrupt political) life imitates (particularly bad) art…

FlyingRodent said...

Couldn't have put it better myself, Pisces.

Perfect, except you forgot the paranoia.

Pisces Iscariot said...

Don't mention the 'P' word... these halls have ears.

Zatikia said...

Seems like everywhere you look there are boxes with labels. You sure do have it down on what people put in them. Some people are sitting on a stack of them so high they can see nothing but their own.

gregrandgar said...

When life is a pissing contest, one must fashion the finest raincoat.

red-dirt-girl said...

Ok, honestly I was just skimming link referrals to check out sites and do those blasted reviews when I stumbled across this glorious, gorgeous, mind-blowing place called the far queue.......I don't know where to begin to explore: candy for the eye, candy for the mind, candy for the not candy - something far more substantial, more a fine, aged wine, hundreds of years old......I'm not even going to ask you to visit my fluffy blog of fantasy shoes (unless feet are a 'thing' for you....LOL)and noteworthy quotes....but I would like permission for 2 things: one is too link you to my blog and the other is to quote you from time to time when your words move me...such as today's posting.......I of course would credit you as the source and/or originator of the quote and refer others to your site......I will be backlater to read, hopefully, your response to my requests.....a delightful stumble - like Alice into Wonderland - amidst all the scrabble of the blogosphere......

red dirt girl

Pisces Iscariot said...

Zatikia: The far Queue HSE has decreed that it is dangerous to sit atop a pile of empty boxes.
Todd: I suspect that my raincoat is made of paper.
red-dirt-girl: Welcome to The Far Queue and thank you for the mountain of praise; permission granted for all of the above. I will of course visit your fluffy blog.
I know what you mean about those damn reviews... in fact I had sort of given up doing them, but they are not all bad since 1 in every 1000 surfers does stop and read (yourself being a prime example).

red-dirt-girl said...


I have you linked! Thank you again for the permission slip...

I have also copied today's posting, Alchemy Lesson No.11 to use as a future 'quotable' to find the perfect shoe to match - LOL.....I apologize - my sense of humor is rather quirky...your work here is phenomenal...your writing moving and brilliant.....I don't hand out words of praise lightly, Pisces......I am looking forward to delving into your archives and reading what you have swirling in that mind of yours!