Saturday, October 07, 2006

Double Helix in the Sky Tonight

Out on the edges where the sentinels roam, with subatomic gills filtering out all that does not compute; all that does not fall into the boxes of reality’s confines; filtering and destroying in the spirit dump, never to be seen or heard this side of insane ramblings.
The cat with the quantum soul calls out to those who would measure the atomic weight of the mind’s black holes.
Out on the edge where all is stripped to cogs and wheels, threads and counters; where ethics and morals hold no sway; where portent cannot be measured.
In the kitchen of destruction final meals are being prepared for the species that would tinker with the clockwork house of cards.
In the kitchen of destruction Schrödinger’s cat drinks yet from bowl of poisoned milk, listening to the music of gravity and talking the language of stars.
Children of coal dust, the weight of the stars will burn your eyes in tangled realities yet unimagined, there you will find what you seek so avidly, there will your curiosity be satisfied – but it will not return the cat who is at once dead and alive.

What the fuck are they on about?


Zatikia said...

Such a feeling of loss. Interesting link to the cat story, an oddity. When you look at life a certain way it can seem so barren, the ending so possible.

Zanzounito said...

I wonder where these thoughts spring from your mind...truely out of this world

littlebitofsonshine said...

Meow said the kitty from the other side but no one could hear for there closed minds and sold souls.

such great writeing from a far sighted mind!!!!!!great read Pisces sad the cat brank the posioned milk sader still theone who gave to the baby.