Saturday, February 24, 2007

Give Me Steel, Give Me Steel

New Zealand's obsessive owners of classic American cars, collectively known as Americarna, descended on New Plymouth for 24 hours of revving, laying rubber on tarmac, excessive waving of the star-spangled-banner, and general showing off

I'm no petrol-head or nostalgist, but these cars are works of grand design.


A Clockwork Orange?

This way...

...and that way... Saratoga... Ville...

...and Dodge.

Cameraman and crew caught on chrome

All photographs © The under-ego of Pisces Iscariot 2007


jams o donnell said...

Nice pics, Pisces. For me a car is a way from getting from A to B where public transport is not an option... A 17 year old Toyota serves that function for us.

The not-wife's brother is is far more into that sort thing and has a 1966 Pontiac GTO and very impressive it is too. I can't see me ever owning one though

Anonymous said...

Nice pix, Pisces........a slice of Americarna Pie......served up Kiwi style......unusual combo - but I think I like it!

Redwine said...

Excellent pics, Pisces. Here the only person who doesn't own a car, never had one and never will.(Neither does she lust for one.I can't tell a car from a horse as my friends say). You won't you, Big Brother, good title.

Pisces Iscariot said...

10 bonus points to redwine for recognising the title of this post.
5 points to jams for owning the oldest Toyota in England.
-5 points to rdg for mentioning the kiwi :]
Don't talk of dust and roses etc