Tuesday, March 20, 2007

The Bottom Line

On the wolf-scratched door
Dreamscaped tooth and claw
Cryptic messages left to frighten
Belt loops forced by lies to tightened
Follow your misleader precipice bound
Shout out loud without making a sound
Blind faith and patriotic duty are served
War is hell, heaven is bent unreserved
Bodies in the river; there’s new blood on the sun
Nations twisted tortured by the laws of gun
Don’t give up; grit your teeth; take the pain
“Suck it up fatty” the television-age refrain
From your personal trainer to your sergeant major
While you’re pissing blood and eating danger
The prize a hero’s welcome for stitched up lips
The prose posthumous medals and cooking tips
While from ghetto sucked the hoodwinked legions
Spit high velocity rounds into desert regions
In poverty born and to bloodlust converted
by moneymen gross, corrupt and perverted
And kicking against the pricks as they pose
To tax your intelligence; your withering rose
Your vision; your hearing; your beauty skin-deep
Your smile and your breath; your little lost sheep
Your charity and chastity; your children’s curiosity
And finance quite openly the next corporate atrocity
Don’t buy the product; the package; the plastic
Don’t drug your kids with junk colon spastic
Keep your eye on the ball; the financial transaction
Political ambition via material distraction
That serves the few who have cornered the power
And left the milk warm in the bucket to sour
Material gain has lost what’s already been fought for
Secular government; workers rights; racist politics; sexual equality…
…We’ve been here before


Anonymous said...
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Pisces Iscariot said...

heh rdg :] you suspect correct. Best I can say is read between those lines on your own latest post - you are no less a poet that I.
Don't think too much, but allow the subconscious to talk.
Other than that I know as much as you - read read read

Anonymous said...
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