Saturday, March 24, 2007

View From the Treetops (24 March '07)

Red Dirt Unearthed

The Mad Poet by Michael Whelan

Shoe freak; fellow poet (and self-confessed blog thief) Red Dirt Girl has posted this enlightening advice entitled Thirty-two Statements About Writing Poetry by Marvin Bell

Statements 8, 10 & 19 are my favourites.

While I'm on the subject of poetry, please visit The Dread Letter Office where I have collected all the poems from The Far Queue - alphabetically and in one handy parchment bundle.


Hate The Rich

Over at Counterpunch, another Red Dirt girl, Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz, urges us to Hate the Rich !

Oh, alright then...


Red Right Hand

Spreading death and destruction in the name of freedom and democracy

Blackwater first caught the light when four of it's 'contractors' were killed and dragged through the streets of Falluja; an event that sparked the most atrocious act of military revenge in recent history.
Jeremy Scahill reveals the dirty rise of Blackwater over on gnn.


Neil Young & Crazy Horse - Powderfinger

Red means run son, numbers add up to nothing


Anonymous said...

Ah Pisces,

You DO have a way with words (even as I light fingered have my way with yours!)

I would curtsy but being a shoe freak, I would tip over in my i will nod my head gracefully and gratefully for your kind and HONEST acknowledgment.

I do so LOVE the color red.....

red dirt girl

Anonymous said...

Howdy Pisces

(thought I might try out that Texas twang)

Just wanted to thank you for the heads up on Calexico.......have been enjoying a number of selections on my iPod.....especially like "Black Heart" don't ask me why.....

btw: I'm not your only reader...have had a lot of traffic from your just have a very SILENT following......