Saturday, July 28, 2007

Cosmo Nought at Ground Zero

Oh and Oh how I hang up down and upside down the curve of my world below deflating void.
All is quiet breath bated the green shapes hover.
The light that white dawned so brightly there; white and bright and fill my head white light.
Tethered yet my feet together unable to kick
And at my middle mouth the feeding tube slithers
I take it in it fills me up I suck and suck my blood runs blue.
Take me back take me back I swing my arm to the resistance no longer close and dark and warm.
Here the air that rushes in cold and clean, here the space that holds nothing in, here my chest so razor thin
Here the air nowhere to go
Here my voice so suddenly born
Here the sound at once my own.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

your first piece feels so sensual for some reason ..... and this one feels so brrrrrr i like the dichotomy (so piscean)

but i'm really loving the more um....softer? no you aren't soft ..... um ... romantic? no, no, no.... well, the edgy and sexy ...... at the same time ... side of you ... ?? best i can do at 2am.

ps. let me know if my blog has straightened itself out ... i had a word with it !