Friday, August 03, 2007


I see your face next to mine in the window reflected, sometimes superimposed by the passing blur of green in sunlight dialogue dashing. The traffic there on parallel track keeps time with our hurling journey.

Tickets please.

Steam generated thought to piston arm pantograph arc on overhead line futurism forged for a past well deadbeat upshot downfall breathe in fallout windows flash by in fencepost strobe. Demon face at dead-man’s handle check the signals pass the candle om-mani-padme-hum points change all change for branchline roots and bark dog days dark death rays and noah’s ark.

The whistle wind doors slam slow decay accelerate to once again blur the landscape changing outskirt housing and red brick rising factories and warehouse grafitti grenades on the length of an arm.

This train terminates here and now.

You smile in vague lipstick and gather your bag while I gather my head and the children send the chatter rising.
Step down mind the gap in cathedral of industry echoing to join the river of anticipating legs and cultural calling.
Past turnstile a-clatter you catch my hand to bring power to personal in the sea of alien faces.

We have arrived.

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karoline said...

thanks for the and furious...well done!