Thursday, March 13, 2008


Your eyes too fierce my shame to meet
my feet walking aimless down the street
With no one to meet but red mist persist and all that I own to be me
Shatters and falls a suit of glass shards autumn leaves from an earthquake tree
This bitter pill bitten pit-bull self-inflicted
Ignorance and pain dutifully misdirected
Inward holds the mirror frost obscured
And left with nothing my fingertips to grasp
Only then to see the lives of my children and the love that has endured
The years of formation, the changes, the climb
The belief that we are; the beauty sublime


gregra&gar said...

Somehow this evokes the essence of what I have come to see as a new meaning for prophecy. Rather than the spoutings of entranced seers predicting the future, prophecy can be a karmic plan for a better future requiring faith of its adherents to bring it to fruition with proper behavior. This dispenses with the woo woo and fear too often associated with prophecies of religion.

Pisces Iscariot said...

True, but adherents to said karmic plan would probably demand a set of commandments by which to live, closely followed with instructions on how to adhere.
To quote the prophetic Pythons:
"How should we fuck off o lord"

gregra&gar said...

It would seem that ideas that require commandments and instructions to maintain them are those most antagonistic to nature, as it should be. The only natural predetermination is that free will must reap results determined by its attitude toward nature.

jim said...

I believe that George Carlin was able to reduce the 10 commandments to two without harm.

Pisces Iscariot said...

Check out more George Carlin under 'Big Shots' in the right hand column - pure genius