Thursday, March 20, 2008


I saw I was a young man clean shaven and serene
Walking on the parapet frozen in a dream
To the left the yawning chasm that beckoned pointless proud
To the right you kissed my neck and uttered words aloud
You need not be who you think you are nor ride the edge so hard
You needn’t tread the path so deep and drag that blackened cloud

And so the mirror smiling does reflect my younger self returning
Turning slow in haze and snow and heart no longer yearning
For that which cannot be contained or written down or spoken
But lies at the centre spoke of the wheel that spins unbroken
So seek ye less for what is real but hold what is known to be
And know that love cannot be defined but represented by a token


gregra&gar said...

I am happy that you found a way to line up unspoken tokens to keep our connection's stokin'unbroken. Civilization is a trial of fire to qualify for evoltion. The only correct answer is, "this test is bullshit!," which occurs to very few.

Pisces Iscariot said...

This test is worded to get the answers required to justify the questioner's agenda.