Friday, November 28, 2008


Symphony in Green ~ Jeremy Geddes

You wore your heart upon your sleeve; a style long out of fashion
You drove yourself to the water’s edge, the sea intent on crashing
You grit your teeth and split your lip and spoke with forked tongue twisting
Of all the woes and wanderlust and interstitial bitching
You raised your arm to hail the chief but found his wonder wanting
Laid your palm on fur-decked hide whose thirst had gone to panting
Who sized you up for an overcoat with lining laced in entrails
Took your measure and just for luck wrote down your banking details
The coat it fit you like a glove to warm away the wasting
And stood you up against the change of seasons for the tasting
Of distant shores and swinging doors and thoughts that scatter wildly
When washed against the rising tide you come to lie beside me
And there to whisper wounded wild excuses for the blues
And scatter stars upon the rims of my weary walking shoes
Allowing thoughts to wander miles, millennia and moments
Metricated warning signs, posts, portents and omens
And at the door marked 'death denied' in donut sugar sweet
Removed those shoes and on the mat marked 'wisdom' wiped your feet
And passing through the door you found you’re back where you belong
A room bedecked with heartless sleeves and drowned in silent song


James Higham said...

And once upon a distant blog, thought’s bestial entropy
And glistening on those starry shoes - the celestial canopy

Pisces Iscariot said...

You may well be correct James.

Yodood said...

Like a picture perceived in a mosaic of many images, pixels of the Statue of Liberty in NY harbor formed like its fog. Can't tell if you intended it, but the effect was quite haunting to me.

Pisces Iscariot said...

An interesting interpretation Dood - this is one of those organic compositions that developed from the opening line with no particular idea in mind - so your guess is as good as James' (or mine)