Friday, February 27, 2009

Out of His Mind: Phase IV ~ Multi-tasking for the Undead

Ancient Sound ~ Paul Klee

as i record these words; [these black hieroglyphs of a language which, for all i know, is indecipherable to those on the other side of the {interface}]; as i record my thoughts another language plays to a soft array of colours on the surface of my space: music.
music which i have drawn from deep within the system that constitutes my environment; music of spheres; music created from the memory and from moods remembered; from golden sunrays and summer silence; from moments of peace and from moments of ritual’s passing; music containing lyrics relevant not only to the world now gone but also to the me that lives on; music containing mood triggers and trance enhancers; creative reference points beyond the power of language; colour from and alien palette; landscapes of the mind; structures remembered from cities of sound visited on the fly; a past where earphones plugged reality evoking colourful melancholia in the grey dread of travel; faces averted in the bustle of city life.
this is how i remember.
the sense of smell [being in life a trigger for memory that short-cuts directly to the experience] is the most difficult to emulate in this space where the body does not require maintenance.
but if i work really hard at the music i can sometimes evoke the perfume of the memories – a backward experiment indeed – reverse engineering for a vampyr.


Anonymous said...

Damn Pisces! If Geddy Lee ever does a follow-up to 2112, he can use this for the opener. Only this is better 8^)I am entralled!

Yodood said...

Using the hypnosis of the music to evoke the immediacy of the odors' memory — beautiful evocation of the indivisibility of the muse.

Candie Bracci said...

Very nice indeed.You know...Music!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Love that painting too.

Pisces Iscariot said...

Subtorp: Now I had to go and look up Geddy Lee... i had heard of rush but have never actually heard them - more researched to follow :)
Yodood: I have always been fascinated by the time-travel aspect of smell-memories and the synaptic associations between the senses that completely exclude language.
Candie: Living without it would be experiencing the night sky without stars - we would feel VERY alone.

Anonymous said...

Pisces-when/if you find a copy of 2112, read the lyrics from parts II-VII( side "a" ) :) This came out in 1976. Cheers!