Monday, March 09, 2009

Out of His Mind: Phase V ~ The Eyes are the Soul's Lost Windows

Eloquence ~ Linda Bergkvist

i try to understand my space and how it works; this is a basic human trait.
any specific knowledge of science and nature acquired by me in my previous life has been mostly lost; what remains is basic computation skills; my ability to rationalise my surroundings and my need to learn.
that and time infinite.
i do not understand how [or why] my body retains the abilities to see and hear and yet cannot feel or taste.
perhaps the mind finds the former senses are easier to emulate. [Perhaps this is all a construct of my mind] [if so, how do i shut it down?]
from where i stand it is therefore the intangible [the mind] that is a certainty; leaving all that is of the senses [that which we trust above all else in life] called into question.
i am in the realm of everything unknown.
but this unknown, vast and boundless, is no longer a terrain of horror and of fear.
the loss of bodily desires does not preclude the appreciation of beauty; appreciation by visual stimulus [a trait that in life, for the male human, is intertwined with the libido’s hungry needs].
the appreciation of beauty now takes on a philosophy of contemplation.
i dredge from memory’s leaky vault images of sensual beauty now infused with meaning greater than the touch of hand on soft flesh or tongue to taste.
meaning beyond the sine wave of desire; gone the need to possess in entirety; to swallow whole; to enter that which cannot be entered with thought.
gone evolution’s chaotic drive toward the abyss.


Anonymous said...

Pisces, it would seem that there has been a rebirth here, of a sort. Only here, the body is no longer required as a vessel, in which to house the mind. Evolution through science and technology...

Pisces Iscariot said...

subtorp: this is an interesting observation, since this series is a strand in a larger story. It came to me as an afterthought to the then almost completed Markov Chain and often felt to me to be as much a metaphor for the ‘blogging experience’ as it was a contemplation of the mind/body dichotomy. I kept trying to imagine how far the mind could go if give unlimited access to time and a creative interface.
Happy new avatar btw :)

Anonymous said...

Pisces, not sure where to research this: "stimulation via your computer keyboard". You don't want to know( or may-be you do ), what the Japanese have been up to, in regards to this sort of thing ;) gives a whole new meaning to "creative interface"( which I like the term, here ). And thanks on the latter. I feel the need to "recreate" my self, every now and again :)