Friday, May 07, 2010

Assets to Ashes

Unable to stop herself, she turned her head to watch the building burn; the home-made devices had detonated with only minutes to spare and the heat dried the beads of perspiration on the side of her face while the hillside was illuminated orange-blue.
And though it was too early to tell she imagined she could smell all those memories burning; all the banknotes curling at the edges, turning from green to black; the deeds of ownership; the silver name plates melting on burning desks made from wood plundered from protected forest.
And in the flames she imagined the faces of every man who’d spent his life acquiring wealth at the expense of others; she imagined that this was what vengeance smelled of and she wondered if perhaps she should have listened to Lot and simply put it all behind her.

I try to believe what I read on bus shelters
That is where the poets don’t disguise their accents

A Dear Green Place ~ My Latest Novel


Yodood said...

she wasn't turned into a pillar of salt, she was just sweaty from a job Job's should have been, as usual, the Bible lied a lot about Lot.

word verification, uryport: orifice thrugh which to vent when pissed.

Gerry Boyd said...

Now I know there is such a thing as a post-pre-raphaelite. I feel so much better now. Great words too. A Bravo! post for sure.

Pisces Iscariot said...

Yodood: she was turned into a pillar of society. Bible stories: there's some weird morality in there.

Gerry: I think you'll find that McGinnis is Post post pre Raphaelite ;]

Tom said...

fantastic. do you see flames in our future? Perhaps the Bible is to be rewritten soon.

Harlequin said...

Few things burn as hot as vengeance ...or satisfaction.So glad she did not put it all behind her.

so well done. Lots conveyed in carefully chosen words and sentiments.

... and absolutely loved the poets undisguised accents; thanks for this pearl.