Monday, May 10, 2010

The Establishment Blues

Compartment C ~ Edward Hopper

Under the lights of service stations
Lubrications machinations
Molded scolded held to ransom
Strung up on the credit transom
Yellow lit and petrol fuelled
The lonely crowd is massed and ruled

Conned to act both the cow and milkmaid
Daily dosed with swine-flu kool-aid
Doped and duped and dipped in treacle
Sprayed encased in matters fecal

So pour your self into the night
Make sure that your song is right
Kick out the jams and pyramid scams
They're only statues wrought by bowing hands
don’t let the morning’s national commands
Override your heart’s subversive plans

This is a response to the farce being played out in Britain's media stage this weekend.
The markets will decide
The market's will decides


Yodood said...

If there weren't subversive plans there'd be no reason for national commands. Opposition reifys. Withdrawal starves/ What has civilization that cannot be lived without?

Harlequin said...

It is amazing to me how underestimated regular people are, as if they will stroll willingly into Procrustean characterizations of crisis and necessary response.
Subversion is enacted in courageous acts of expression in many contexts, including here.