Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Louise Bourgeois

What kind of world would have you
Hide from yourself?
Behind this thin veneer of a grown man
Behind what is and what just seems to be

What kind of world would have you
Un-grown and ingrained?
A simple stick figure a primary man sketched
Between what is and what’s easy to understand?

What kind of world would have you
Grinning in the rain with your face
Taking it all in like some pantomime poet
Unhearing of the jeering of the jabbering crowd?

What kind of world would have you
Not paying attention
To the wild whirling rides and lean lurking clowns
In the carnival of your lack-lustre life?

Don’t kid me on you’re enjoying the ride
When I know you don’t have the stomach for it

What kind of world would you have?
Grinning with the rain in your face
Taking it in like some pantomime horse
When it’s you that gets to play the forward end


Harlequin said...

I. Loved. This. Poem.
holy re-imagining otherwise, batman!!
nice stuff, garth.

Harnett-Hargrove said...

Ah, I am forced to see images pouring out of the calliope whirl, and there, somewhere —is LB studying her hand that manifests. -J

Garth said...

Harlequin: I kept putting off publishing this one - it's pretty close to the bone ;] Glad you dig it.

Jayne: Trippy :D

Courtney said...

Very cool :-)

Courtney said...

Link to this port @

Garth said...

Hey Courtney there is already a link to your kinky tumblr on the links page :)