Saturday, December 31, 2011

We, The Callen

penumbra . 9
Fall ~ Jason Chan

Stand still and consider the wondrous works of God. – Decree 37:14
When was the first time than man abdicated responsibility for his actions? Was it the first time he killed another man? But the killing of our own is not confined to our species, we need to look no further than the apes to find parallels, so perhaps we should move forward to the first time mankind became conscious of his ancestry; conscious that he and the species homo-sapiens are not chosen to rule the world but that he has killed his way to the top of the evolutionary tree. Perhaps this is too much for a man to bear on his own so he must bring into being some higher power who will carry the burden of that responsibility.
I am only doing god’s will.
If the Zealot has any doubts about his place in the universe he cannot allow them to enter into the front room of his consciousness, there to shuffle uncomfortably in unfamiliar surroundings and wish they were elsewhere. He looks sideways-on into his own eyes, razor poised to remove the stubble that has accrued unwanted at his neck.
I am only doing god’s will.
Any priest will tell you that the first tool that those chosen are required to bring to the altar is compassion.
Compassion for the plight on his fellow man.
Compassion for the sinner.
Many are called and many are ineffectual in this war between good and evil. The Zealot believes that the situation calls for any priest who still feels himself callen to dig in and get his hands a little dirty.
Compassion for the sinner but not for the sin.
A man who has not experienced the exertion of physical labour cannot consider himself a complete man.
The Zealot finds comfort and pride in his exertions.
He has the right tools.
He is a professional.
The Zealot is a man complete; evolution’s ironic fingertip.

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Harlequin said...

great stuff. well said.

i love the bow to compassion....
and the swipe at the zealot.

happy new year, garth.

Garth said...

Happy Nu Year Harlequin :)

Tom said...

fucking awesome.

Garth said...

Thanks Tom :)