Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Still from Eureka

Pedalling out with a head full of steam
I saw a forty year old woman in Goth gear and boots
Grow up I thought
As she called after her running daughter

Children of this wilted rose
Waiting for the wicker man

Down the narrow path with a head full of dreams
I saw a man walking a cat
Or perhaps it was a cat walking a man
Either way they seemed to enjoy the company

Agents of the red rose risen
Wilting for the wicker man

Past the supermarket as I head for the cream
I saw a carrot haired man in union-jack shorts and tee
Scratching without hope at a lotto card
Would a win improve his dress-sense I wondered?

Ancient wisdom glass rose-tinted
Working for the wicker man


Momo Luna said...

Would a win improve his dress-sense I wondered?

Courtney said...

I picture myself there and it scares me :-(

Mr. Charleston said...

A forty year old Goth? Ugh. Just the thought makes me squirm.

Harlequin said...

what a wonderful poem.
the recursive elements are so effective and clever.
bloody marvelous, you.


J'aime beaucoup ce poème.
Il faudrait dire à la fille sur le vélo, qu'il a des façons meilleures de prendre le train, sans avoir mal à la t^te !


Garth said...

Momo Luna: it's true, I remember forcing myself not to empathise with him :)

Mr.C: perhaps she was 20 but had had a hard life?

Harleqiun: bloody hell, thanks you.

Roger: some girls wonder by mistake...
merci d'avoir lu mon poème
excuse my French - I used Google Translate :/