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penumbra . 24
Flirting with the Sun ~ Gratziela Gal

When it comes to rogue-ware Knut inhabits the echelons of off-centre. He is non-specified and, as far as Phoebe knows, has no hard-wire agenda. She’d picked him up via a proxy back in Carpathia and it had cost a hard-hack into the old man’s credit.
“Try again” She flips through the open end of the scan looking for holes in the Leviathan’s wireless grid.
Knut’s screen dims as the scan is deflected by one or other of the Leviathan’s sentinels.
“I can’t believe they never left any holes” Phoebe whispers to herself.
They couldn’t even get the launch right.
Not that Phoebe really knows what she would do should she gain access; she has not thought beyond the initial act; she is embroiled in the chase – a sideline to tedium, an alternative to medicating oneself into ignorance.
“You spend too much time on that thing darling” the old lady floats into Phoebe’s cabin
Think of the devil and she flaps her wings.
“And your father says you’re using too much power.”
Phoebe shrugs and kills Knut’s screen.
“Won’t you join us? We’re watching memories... you were such a beautiful baby.”
“No thanks”
“Oh come on, you’re missing out”
“I’m tired”
The old Lady sighs, as she always does, and floats off.
“Try again” Phoebe taps Knut’s screen.
“...koff trinny...”
“Mark, lock on and check the source.” Phoebe’s chest clenches with hope and anxiety, “Ensure that the signal is not bouncing off the rocket”
She watches the egg-timer as Knut does his thing.
~source confirmed : TRNE Subroutine No.4k – Recorder, Audio, Bridge~
“fuck” Phoebe’s face ebbs a grin “faaaack”
She listens: silence
“Are you still locked on?”
~locked on~
She listens: silence
Whispers “fuck”
“I need to sleep Trinny”
“Ivan, your sleep allocation is overdrawn”

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