Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Morning Comes Autumn

Apple Tree ~ Douglas Smith

Black cat in the yellow beam from kitchen window
Let me in
Dog silhouette against living-room nightlight
Let me out
Discarded white plastic barrel like a loose tooth in the river
Dawn comes collecting her petticoat nightdress
Mud puddles and acorn market flood
Grow me a forest of oak
Guide me through the days


Tom said...

fine sentiments

Anonymous said...

Made me think of the song: Harvest Time, off the album: Street Of The Love Of Days, by the band: Amor de Dias. The bass in this song pulls me in...

Happy Fall.
Lobe were here.

Garth said...

Lobi: That song was originally on The Clientele's album Bonfires on the Heath - Alasdair MacLean from The Clientele is also in Amor de Dias - so that makes perfect sense.

Garth said...

Thanks Tom!

Harlequin said...

" Grow me a forest of oak" .... loved that line. And the whole poem, of course.