Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Whatever is not nailed down is mine

Episode Ten

Atom encounters a man on a horse.
The man and horse move as one; as if they were born that way.
The horse’s hide is a shade of brown suede and its head wears a poker face.
The rider sports a lycra suit; black, white and primary red; a black riding cap and whip and his face indicates that he is sucking on something sour.
Atom presumes that the horse is carrying the man of its own free will but is unsure how the reins fit into that arrangement.
Facing one another on the gravelly path, both parties stop.
The horseman looks down his nose at Atom.
The horse looks down its coffin shaped nose at the Company Bicycle.
The horseman rearranges his face but the sour white expression remains.
The horse snorts a cloudy breath.
“I presume that you do know that this is a bridle path?”
“A bridal path?”
“And in presuming I presuppose that you are merely some ignorant yobbo who refuses to obey the rules”
“Are you the groom then? There are rules?”
The horse shows its teeth and nods in an approximation of silent laughter.


Harlequin said...

this is a perfectly lovely dive into absurdity and language.... sometimes the same thing

Garth said...

Language (according to Mr Burroughs) is a virus (from outer space)
I'm not sure if I agree with the 'outer space' bit.