Sunday, November 24, 2013

Lucky Break

Episode Fifteen

Leaving the dead to R.I.P behind him Atom descends over the hardened earth beside the recently ploughed fields so neat and so mathematic, the Company bicycle gives off a whirring mechanical joy that comes with travelling at any speed faster than walking.
Atom’s bones rattle around in his skin until, at the gentle cessation he resumes pedalling and steers the Company bicycle across the wooden bridge that jumps the stream.
Among the trees that grow there; tamed by the surrounding fields; the ground has not yet dried and Atom has to peddle at rate as fast as his little legs can peddle.
Up through the woods that grow on the hillside he follows and indeed rides up the rivulet that forms the path.
Atom imagines, without any scientific justification, that there must be a spring somewhere near the top of this hill.
A very busy spring – either that, he thinks, or the farmer’s forgotten to close his garden tap.
Cresting through overhanging bushes Atom finds a very muddy road and approaching (as if the mud does not exist) a woman on horseback.

See Mad Scientist’s Notebook (Entry No 1.6)

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