Monday, December 02, 2013

Is this not a love song?

Episode (Sweet) Sixteen

Atom looks up at the woman as she passes.
The horse looks down its coffin shaped nose at the Company bicycle.
The woman is naked beneath her riding attire but wears a formal expression; her father once fought in the White African Wars and as well as helping to secure the interests of enterprise there he has also secured a Place in the Country.
The woman on the horse is only vaguely aware of Atom’s existence, she being after all, the Centre of the Universe; a goddess for whom Saturn’s rings form a halo in the mirror located in her mind’s attic.
Blood pumps around Atom’s little body, checking doors and switching lights on and off on the console that spans the front of the command centre in his little head; and, all found to be in order, his heart proceeds to pound the ancient drumbeat in his ears and loins.
Mud from the horse’s articulate ankle splashes Atom’s leg as woman and mount pass and, not having any experience to indicate otherwise, Atom presumes that this is how it feels to be in love.
He is not wrong.

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