Tuesday, June 10, 2014


It watched us pass
Our marching feet
Our civilisation
One black bird eye
Unafraid -
Said the crow
You’re only meat
That I haven’t eaten yet

Trees point skyward
Black-fingered fate
List the names of the fallen
Poise waiting for those
Whose time is yet

I grit my teeth
In the wind’s dark bite
On battlefield bleak
Unhopeful of a happy ending
A grin
A grimace
A glancing blow
The smile on a shark
On battlefield
Hope less
In the wind’s dark bite
I grit my teeth
And face away -
From the crow that says
You are only meat
And I haven’t eaten yet

Trees amputated
Black on orange coal glow
The ledgers of loss
Whose pages await
My blood to balance

I will grit my teeth
howl on the abyss’s dark bowl lip
And wolf my bite of hope
On battlefield
We are carrion -
Says the crow
You’re all just meat
That I haven’t eaten yet


Harlequin said...

really. stark and real. great work.

Garth said...

Hi Harlequin, thanks for the visit.
This is my attempt to readdress the imbalance thrown up by the recent D-Day "celebrations" which I felt tended more toward glorification rather than the more appropriate horror.

Anonymous said...

Oddly enough this reminded me of surviving my first summer with boobs. Cheers. Lobe were here.