Friday, July 11, 2014

Cross-stitched Navel Attaché

I live a life one step removed
Behind that frosted pane
Where shadows clue
And ghosts remain
But never answer calls
Number withheld

I scratch the parchment skin
From within the tightened drum
Parading paranoid days
An aggregated sum
Of the future’s empty promise
Black nails knuckled numb

I hear him droning on
In the room inside my head
Wearing a deeper groove
When what he should’ve said
Would paint a brighter view
The broader track un-tread

I look out wondering through
The side door framing daylight
Dust mote dancing wrong
Somehow put to right
Lacklustre summer sailing
A time waster's line-of-sight

For who am I to talk
About all I know is true
When I won't bend my will
Give the devil’s due
To kiss the open palm
Of the empty hand extended


Anonymous said...

4th Stanza were my favorite.
Cheers! Lobe were here.

Garth said...

Hey Lobe!
1st comment were my favourite