Friday, September 26, 2014

Advanced Hairdressing

Episode Thirteen

And so the months roll forward for our little hero; the hours spent between the diametrically opposite, but equally torturous poles of Pinky and NOM3.
Atom has managed through tenacious self-discipline to completely avoid looking at NOM3, a feat achieved by closing his eyes before being re-entered into his ‘room’, and thereafter ensuring he is always facing away before opening them.
NOM3 has paid little attention to where Atom’s eyes are pointing, intent as he is on his wagging tongue and in the maintenance of the suit he has knitted for himself out of his head of grey hair and with help from his beard and body hair too; a suit so personally snug that he considers himself (in his own mind’s eye) to be quite the man-about-town (not that he is allowed anywhere near town or indeed anywhere outside of his cell).
The necktie, so dramatically employed in the picture in Atom’s mind’s eye, is in fact a sober shade of chartreuse, nicely set off against grey hair-shirt (fashioned to match aforementioned suit) and is worn in the conventional manner replete with perfect Windsor knot.
Below neatly pressed and slightly flared grey trousers and being the result of very hirsute calves and ankles, are a pair of cabled grey hair socks, the whole image suffering only from a lack of adequate and appropriate shiny black footwear.

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