Thursday, October 02, 2014

If the Shoe Fits

Episode Fourteen

Shepard Fairey

In order to wage war successfully the PTB need to manufacture soldiers.
Soldiers need to be trained to follow orders without question.
Shiny footwear is an important factor in determining the obedience of any given soldier; the shinier the boot the more obedient the soldier.
“One time I had a really good pair of shoes; expensive too. Pointy-toad brown-swayed; you know those ones with the little holes in them…what the fuck they called? My old brain don’t work the way it used to back in the day when I was… what are they called? You know, the ones with those tiny hole patterns? It’s on the tip of my…”
“Tongue! Brogues! Hey Adam, your speech’s got a lot better; loud too; one-a-these-days you’ll be able to hold a real conversation.”
Of course, in order for a soldier to present his shiny boots for inspection he needs to be trained in the ways of boot-polishing.
It is an ancient art which is handed down from father to son.
They say: "The army will be good for him; it‘ll teach him discipline."
Basic military training involves the removal of the word ‘me’ from the soldier’s vocabulary, a procedure which involves a prolonged period of intense physical discomfort.
“Me I never could go for those ‘comfortable’ sports shoes all rubber-n-plastic and oversized, making you look like you’ve got giant marshmallows on your feet.”

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