Wednesday, February 11, 2015

In The Light of What I Know: Dead Babies

The Withering ~ Barry Windsor-Smith

I was recently surprised to learn that many stillborn babies are buried in communal graves - parents adding the names as they happen.

The cynical capitalist in me marveled at the value for money enjoyed by
a) whoever/whatever agency was selling the burial space itself and
b) the Monumentalist adding names to the headstone
The ghoul in me pictured this subterranean nursery for creatures not yet born; a nursery overseen by the earth's reclamation processes: bacteria, worms and time.

When it comes time to dispose of my remains I wish to leave nothing that may physically impinge on the world -
Take my ashes to a windy open place an scatter me with that wind (bearing in mind if you scatter ashes into the wind you will end up with human dust in your teeth)

Welcome to the new year

Yes I nicked (part of) the title above from Zia Haider Rahman's "In The Light of What We Know"; the reading of which I strongly recommend.


Harnett-Hargrove said...

Hey, it's dark in here! Interesting, tho.

Garth said...

Turn the lights on somebody ;]

Anonymous said...

While searching for indentured kinsmen I came across records of folks who casually drown off the coast of Barbados. How does one casually down?
Turn the lights on INDEED!

Lobe were here.

Anonymous said...

Make that DROWN, not down. Dang it.

Garth said...

some folk just do everything casually

Harlequin said...

Dark and glorious... lots to be said for ashes and wind.