Saturday, February 21, 2015

Bolt Out of the Blue

Transcend Blue III ~ Joel Rea

When he came out of the worm he felt like a god; a man hanging in the sky.
Nobody prepares you for the moment when you get the joke, he thought, laughter icon-imaged on his ret display.
The Outriggers were preparing for landfall with an absolute efficiency that applied a visual gravity to the situation – not that gravity had no part to play, but being the weakest force in the universe does nothing for the reputation given by a name that carries such weight.
You can laugh all you want, but without Outriggers you’re just a man falling through the stratosphere he thought, mood swing icon-flashing.
Of course there is also the Exo to thank for cutting out the actual physical discomfort of the drop – he watched the temp degrees rise as he fell.
When he hit landfall his med tried and failed to stem the endorphin rush – his image drew light from all around him – the tech crew; the glowing Outriggers; the smile of god in his ret.

When he came down he was, once again, Murray Goodchild and he was under no illusion as to what he had been sent to do. The Gravity Engines thrummed beneath his feet, sometimes vibrating the liquid in his lungs like ripples on the stone-skipped surface of his impulses – he checked the charges, bone marrow deep, before passing through the entrance to the point of no return.

Tales for the attention deficit reader


Tom said...

I feel like I stepped into the middle of something dark and squishy

Garth said...

Turn the lights on somebody :)

Harlequin said...

nice work on this... I love your micro-fiction... in medias res with a shovel. Favourite line: nobody prepares you for the moment when you get the joke. YES!!

Garth said...

Thanks Harlequin; more micro fiction coming soon.