Friday, February 27, 2015

Success: the bastard son of Integrity

To climb the ladder rungs of shadow cast
By floodlight through sanctuary’s fence
As if to reach that plateau fast
Would still the voices calling hence
To all the pieces missing
From the jigsaw of your past

Ladder rungs of smoke and dust
Your foot falls flat upon illusion
The plateau bitter returns unjust
Your corporate ambition a blue contusion
In the shape of pieces missing
From the jigsaw of your past

From the jigsaw of your past
The space where pieces are missing
Won’t hold fast fists to rails of mist
Won’t hold fast skin to suture
Cuts that by hand-me-down logic twist
The inevitability of your future

From the jigsaw of your past
You’ll fill the spaces missing
Not by the ladder shadow cast
Nor acquisitions hollow empty-hearted
But by sails hoist to a different mast
To journey upon waters uncharted


mehmet yılmazer said...

domuz arabası
monoray vinç
zincirli vinç
manuel istif makinası

Anonymous said...

Made me think of Neil Merryweather's song: Sole Suvivor. Off the lp Space Rangers.

Lobe were here.

Garth said...

mmm another unfamiliar artist for me to go and check out - thanks Lobe!

Harlequin said...

really liked the way you used the repetition and its illusion as well as its illusory promise... the bastard son of integrity... what a cool and unsettling proposition...