Friday, March 31, 2017

How Do We Get There From Here?

Episode Eight

I sit here decaying
Cell by immigrant cell
Looking through the window where
They are selling violence as
A metaphor for virtue

Atomisms (N.O.W. Issue #1)

Paris, September 15, 2016. © Rémy Soubanère / Studio Hans Lucas

In those days near the end of rampant consumerism there was a definite ingrained predisposition to all things fast. Everything had to be done fast – the budget demanded, the people demanded: immediate results/answers/solutions; the banks were all about quick approval of your loans – want it now? You got it N.O.W.
There is an episode of the Simpsons where Moe buys an army surplus deep fat fryer. The sales guy says this baby will flash-fry a buffalo in 90 seconds, to which Homer whines “But I want it now”
We couldn’t just jump; we needed to prepare ourselves for the street. We bought what we could, stole when we could, we researched the skills for staying alive out there beyond the safety net.
Environmental preparations:
Waterproof clothing; windproof clothing; tents; sleeping bags; socks, underwear and gloves; bags to carry it all.
Feeding preparations
Camping stoves; gas bottles; water bottles; multi-functional utensils.
We agreed that even if we were able to procure then, guns were out.
Firstly, we had no training in their use and secondly… no fucking guns okay?
When the time comes it’s not about how fast you do it but how well you think it through.

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