Friday, March 24, 2017

Soldier Dog Soldier

Episode Seven

It’s never a good idea to travel in the middle of the road
The edge provides more options

Atomisms (N.O.W. Issue #3)

When they brought conscription in there was an outcry from the left. But outcry and action are two different things; and the left was a flaccid and toothless bureaucracy. The move was justified by the fact that the military needed to be boosted to assist the police whose duties had, after years of savage cuts in public funding, been put out to tender. A privatised police force worked to achieve the profit margin by feeding the privatised prisons to the brim, which fact of course meant that more prisons needed to be built to accommodate the rise.
Why had we ignored all the warnings; G4S; Serco; Blackwater.
Conscription started with school leavers who could not study further because of the privatisation of education and the rising cost thereof excluding a large portion of the population – universities making huge profits on the influx of wealthy students from the east felt no compulsion to keep prices down to accommodate the breadline local fodder. The first intakes were shambolic and light heartedly portrayed in the positive light of character-building. Suicide statistics were excluded from the public domain in the interests of National Security.
You’ve gotta ask yourself if you’re happy to be associated with a species that would breed all the wolf out of a dog, leaving a neurotic ball of fur or a long bodied stub legged victim to bolster the fragile but over-inflated ego of its master. I mean what was the point of all that domesticated crossbreeding? Fashion? Money? A fucked-up god-complex?
You’ve gotta ask yourself if you’re happy to be associated with a species that would breed it’s young to be soldiers, to carry out those dirty duties in the manner of a clever dog.
You gotta tell yourselves to stop training your dogs (and raising your kids) to be soldiers.
Year 2 saw my call-up papers arrived on the tail of Atom’s. We already knew we weren’t going to go – we couldn’t, we were not equipped to function under enforced regimentation.
There are those who choose to be treated so, good luck to them, we were going to have to go off-grid.

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