Friday, February 02, 2018

The Wages of Djinn


You know how it goes; sudden appearances (and disappearances) in clouds of bullshit, fog for the brain, shiny, shiny things; all the old tricks of the trade – nobody gives you any credence for the fact that you’re not even given a ‘How to be an effective demi-god’ training manual; you’ve just gotta learn this shit on the hop.
“’Bout time you showed up” this one doesn’t even bother to look surprised; has the brass neck to blow smoke in my face and grin as if to say “whatchu gonna do ‘bout it fuckface?”
I destroy his cigarette with a flick of long forked tongue fashioned during the Agufabu incident on Mars PI*, dusting his shiny brown shoes with a shower of tobacco and ash.
He doesn’t even flinch; lights another and continues:
“You were meant to be here yesterday blue-boy, these schedules are tight and it’s not like I’ve got time to hang around this dump waiting for the help to show up.”
Things have never been the same since we were sub-contracted out to the spooks.

*PI = Pre-Impact. Details HERE

Tales for an attention deficit world

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