Friday, March 09, 2018


Neon Dependence ~ Local Preacher

Misu’s face reflects the colours of spring emanating from the HoloAd that whispers her name as it loiters at the crossing of 2635th and Endeavour.
“go away” she says knowing that it will not.
The snow flurries around her, whirlwinds and vortices through which the buildings glitter just so as they rise into the sky, as if to replace the galaxies and stars that were killed by the light so long ago; pinpoints of light that Misu is too young to miss and if you asked she’d tell you she can access the planetarium anytime from her rig.
She ignites a KelpVape and inhales the rich green vapour, expels an Africa-shaped cloud. The HoloAd, after admonishing her for her use of non-approved products, moves on in search of easier prey.

Tales for an attention deficit world

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