Wednesday, March 07, 2018

The Cold Dystopian Present

(A reflection on the 90th Annual Acadamy Awards)
Michael Whelan ~ Cover for Sepultura's Chaos A.D.

Up close, we can feel the warmth emanating from the machinery that produces the fa├žade, driven by the pursuit of immortality, fuelled by the accumulation of wealth.
And we sit rooted to our settees, hands in bowls of malnourishing snacks and jaws repeating the lines we’ve been fed, led to believe – what else can we do?
Up close, the shamen of our times, visible only from the waist upward, perform practised gestures that conform to the acceptable and mouth spells that placate our need to be numbed, our requirement to be ruled; all decisions to be made for our own good, we who do not have the ability to understand or the will to try.
Up close, the light in our eyes is an illusion emanating not from within but rather a reflection of the flickering screen.

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