Monday, February 11, 2019

Perhaps There Is Only One Side to This Coin

Somewhere Up There ~ Khanh Nguyen

Rainy, midday Saturday under the Shard in the thronging entrance hall to London Bridge Underground – thousands of people will pass through this nexus every few minutes.
Boy Scouts collecting - clean, white, green and khaki-clad - their spokeswoman, club mum, Akela, extols on charity and poverty, her voice rising and falling in the clattering river of people. Against one of the pillars a barefoot beggar kneels in attitude of prayer, perhaps over-playing the humility card.
My mind intent with the task of dealing with the alarming proximity of so many people; negotiating the bottleneck turnstiles; getting to where we want to go, registers a nagging problem with the scenario.
Upon returning some hours later the Boy Scouts were still there, for the most part ignored by the crowds; as was the beggar.
In the small hours of Sunday morning, pedalling through the rain and loving it, it occurred to me that we should be asking ourselves questions about charity and the collection of money for charity.
I wondered what it is that troubles me when I see those beggars that prostrate themselves before the crowd, often barefoot, in the rain. Some part of my mind is whispering in my ear ‘fake’.
I realised too that this escalation of the humility pose is a relatively new thing in London, I first saw it in Rome a few years ago, but before this we had the usual range from panhandler to homeless, all of which I do not question and indeed often give money to in order to assuage my guilt, my there but for the grace of…
The Boy Scouts are a worry in these days that echo down the years to the rise of the last popular Fascist movement. Who’s to say where the money they collected at London Bridge yesterday goes?
The homeless in Britain are being fucked over from all sides and, if I’m not mistaken, have the sympathy of the nation.
Since the rise of Corbyn as the most likely person to become Britain’s next Prime Minister, the establishment has ramped up their systems of control: the removal of rights, the use of black-ops; propaganda and the control of the media; the malignant policy of divide and rule which is bringing the country to its knees.
England/Scotland/Wales/Northern Ireland.
And the ultimate
I wonder at how low this establishment would prostrate itself to the cancerous growth on the right; low enough to hire these actors to turn the public against the homeless and destitute?
Call me paranoid if you like, but given how they are throwing everything at Corbyn, given how afraid they are of what he stands for, I wouldn’t put it past them.
And what of the Boy Scouts? Whose to say they are not funnelling their collection into the preservation of their heritage, England for the English.
Who’s to say that donations are not for any charity other than the benefit of little Tommy, henchman for the New Fuhrer Nigel?

I'm most likely wrong in all my assumptions but that's not to say that the seeds of truth are not buried here.
The Boy Scouts should be acting for charity, feeding, helping, sheltering instead of relying on money, it being the root cause of all this anyway.
The beggar should maybe curb the humility pose, it’s counterproductive – I don’t believe you've got no shoes.


Tom said...

so many questions, so many answers, so little action.

It's the same over here, and the Boy Scouts are selling popcorn, pretty much just to fund themselves. Charity was never really talked about, from my recollection

Garth said...

Popcorn! It's worse that I thought: The Boy Scouts are now dealing in explosive substances!

Tom said...